Monday, October 15, 2007


I was out for drinks with my "Corporate American" friends last week. These friends get an hour for lunch and they can actually leave their office to eat. They talk to adults all day and have adult conversations. They can go to Starbucks before work and have time to drink their coffee there and read more than the front page headline of the N&O. These friends go out for happy hour after work. They work in "the park" and drive on 40 with traffic. They send important e.mails about company decisions. These "Corporate Friends" each have a 401 K and their company matches their contributions. Not to mention, their company pays for most of their gym membership. Some of them have their MBA. They go on business trips to Chicago, NYC, LA, etc. Their company was on the front page of the business section on Saturday. These friends have financial advisors and own stocks. They wear suits to work and high heel shoes. We were all sitting outside last Thursday and sharing stories about our day, while sipping our martinis, and I could barely keep up with their conversation... all the acronyms and number talk?!? After they held the majority of the conversation for nearly 45 minutes, one of them turns to me and asks, "I'm sorry B. How was your day?" I replied, "Jack shit his pants today." Oh how our worlds are vastly different!


Mean Mommy said...

Bwa ha ha ha! Hilarious! I am absolutely impressed with the first blog entry of yours I've read. That was great!

MadMad said...

Oh-oh-oh-pick me, pick me! I have poop, too! (And not even a teacher's salary to show for it! It's very, very sad...) Your sister posted on my blog using your name. I'd go give her a big F.

But your blog is very, very funny. Can I stay if I promise to be very, very quiet?