Sunday, November 18, 2007

Me, Milo, and the Market of Words

I have spent my entire weekend writing for my boards. The hardest part about writing hasn't been figuring out what to say, but rather how to say it. At one of the workshops I attended for National Boards the speaker said, "Every word you use is like valuable real estate." That didn't really mean anything to me until I sat down with my computer to begin writing. Having a page limit restriction has really made me question every word I use. I feel like Milo from The Phantom Tollbooth when he entered the market of words... "Get your fresh-picked ifs, ands, and buts. Hey-yea, hey-yea, hey-yea, nice ripe wheres and whens. Juicy tempting words for sale." This is hard.

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Mean Mommy said...

I know how this feels. The hardest English class I had as an undergrad had a 2 page limit on every paper. I learned more about "the real estate of words" that semester than I had in 3 years. And I LOVE this post title!