Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Heart Andy Williams

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

There'll be assessments for showing
Conferences going
And no time for blogging no, no!

There'll be hours spent grading
Report card debating
And children all ready to go!

Its the hap, happiest season of all!

There'll be much late night toil
Children to spoil
And me banging my head on the wall!!!

There'll be excited young lads
Feeling happy and glad
Dancing all through the halls!

Its the most wonderful time of year!

There'll be movies we're watching
'Cause who can be teaching
When Santa will soon soon appear?

There'll be sugar for eating
Happy Holiday Greetings
Dear God...
Give me a beer!

Its the most wonderful time,
Its the most wonderful time,
Its the most wonderful time...


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Mean Mommy said...

Best. Post. Ever.

I'm laughing through my pain.

MadMad said...

Hahahaha! (Except the movie part! I hate when the kids watch movies at school, because then I feel guilty (-er) lettting them watch them at home when I'm sick of dealing with them!)