Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To Blog or Write for Boards...That is the Question

Alternate Title:
F*@K, It's November and I Haven't Written A Damn Thing for My National Board Entries

I am sorry for slacking in the blog department. However, believe me, I feel like that is the only area I've been slacking recently. I have been at school so late for the past 3 weeks. I guess I can't postpone working on things towards my pursuit of National Boards any longer. I am definitely lucky to be working on getting my boards with my 2 teammates. There is just no way I could do all this work alone, but in some respects, working with them is slowing me down. Don't get me wrong, they are fantastic, but we have gotten to the point where we can't do anything independently from one another. We teach in the same space, literally our classrooms are joined together, and day in and day out we bounce ideas off one another. We collaborate, team teach, and share students. Its an ideal situation, but we are 100% dependent on each other. We can't make a single decision alone...whether the decision is what color folders our math folders will be, or more recently, what accomplishments are we going to document for Entry 4 for our boards. I am not used to thinking on my own anymore and so I'm struggling with writing my entries...let alone finding the time to work alone. So, again, forgive me for not blogging as often. I will do a better job! If anyone else has gone through the National Board process, I would love some support and words of wisdom.


johnnyp said...

there are times that life gets so hectic, it's hard to remember what is truly important. You are obviously a great teacher and your kids obviously love you, and that is why you became a teacher in the first place. This other stuff is just the unfortunate necessities of grown up life. You are great and I, for one, adore you.

MadMad said...

I know nothing about National Boards, and so, as much as I love to offer advice, I can't. I can, however, tell you not to feel bad about not blogging! No one needs one more thing to feel guilty about in this world, and it's not like anyone is paying you, right? Not that you don't deserve to be; and not that we don't miss you. But you should definitely not feel guilty. Good luck with your boards!

Sarah said...

Having successfully completed NBC I know how painstaking the process is and can't believe you're writing a blog AND doing NB AND being a mom! Anyway-you may do cool things your other colleagues aren't doing (namely-writing a blog, hosting a student teacher, taking college classes-whatever!). Your 4th entry is unique to you, regardless of how focused the other three are. Brainstorm all the great stuff you do, check that you can prove it in some way (parent rec, student teacher rec, photo in the newspaper etc) and forge on independently if you can.

Good luck-you can do it! I was told the most important aspect is your ability to write and you've got that (a difficult feat for elementary teachers especially) so wh-hew-you can do it!