Monday, November 5, 2007


I honestly have the best class ever this year. I have been battling a pretty nasty cold, which has probably progressed to fantastic sinus infection, since Wednesday. My class has had to put up with my sniffling, sneezing, coughing, snotting, self all week. We've gotten through read alouds with my raspy, congested voice. We accomplished a spelling quiz and they still did fairly well, despite my incorrect pronunciation of over half of their words due to being so stuffy. I've been in a Sudafed haze for 4 days. Long story short, I haven't been myself... but my supportive class has been amazing. After all of this, I had a huge reason to smile today.

Here's the scene:
C. a lovely blond, blue eyed, little girl in my class stumbles in this morning. She is schlepping her backpack, her Friday Folder, lunch box, blue folder, reading bag, etc. Everything she came in to school with today probably equalled her own weight. She begins the morning routine of getting unpacked, making her lunch choice, and beginning her morning work when all of a sudden she jumps up and rushes over to me. In between blowing my nose and checking communication folders, she gets my attention. She is practically bursting with excitement.

C: "Ms. H! Ms. H! I took my mom to Target last night to get something just for you.!"
Me: "What's that?" (sniff, sniff, sneeze)
C: "Its something I know you'll use. Ask me questions. Try to guess. Its a thing."

(You should know that my class is obsessed with playing 20 Questions. There are times I think they would rather play 20 Questions than go out for recess.)

Me: "OK, umm... do you find it inside?" (sniff, sniff)
C: "Yes!"
Me: "Can we find it in our classroom?" (cough)
C: "Well, kinda. They're almost all gone."
Me: (sneeze) "Is it smaller than......"
C: "Its tissues Ms. H. Tissues! You know 'cause you have your cold. I got them just for you. And they've got lotion on them. Look Ms. H! Look!"
Me: :) :) :) :)

That was super nice...and now my nose isn't as raw thanks to C's lotion filled tissues.
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Mimi said...

So sweet.

MadMad said...

Awwww... And feel better soon!

Mean Mommy said...

Very sweet! What gets me is that she thought of you while they were out at Target...

Now I think I have to make you something...maybe tonight. Call me tomorrow to see if I did it! :)