Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What Do You Do All Day? Color?

I spent my MLK Holiday doing the things that I just don't have time to do during a normal week:
*sleep in till 9:00
*take beast of a dog for a "long" walk (except it was too cold and the Ipod was dead so it wasn't that long of a walk)
*go to the mall with my mom and sister
*eat lunch with my mom and sister
*get my eyebrows waxed
*go to the dentist (ick)
And then, then something happened that really bothered me on my seemingly great day off of work (minus the dentist)... I got my haircut.

I have to say that I LOVE the cut and I'm excited because the last few cuts I have felt like no matter how many times I bring in that picture of Julia Stiles from 2006, when her hair is layered just right and adorable, the hair stylist cuts, cuts, cuts, blow drys, and I leave looking exactly how I came in. This new stylist, though $10 more than the others, got it just right. I knew it would be a good cut when it looked just like the Julia Stiles photo BEFORE she even blew dry my hair. Not to mention that when I got out of the shower this morning I was able to style it myself!! But see... this is the problem. I love the cut but the stylist said something that would normally make me quit talking to someone, even my closest of friends (although they know better)...

Here's how it went:
Stylist: "Oh, so you teach!"
Me: "Yes! I have been teaching for five years and I truly love it."
Stylist: "That's so nice. You must have a lot of patience."
Me: "Yeah, it can be trying sometimes, but I appreciate that everyday is different."
Stylist: "What grade do you teach?"
Me: "First grade."
Stylist: "Awww! That must easy. Much easier than high school or anything else."
Me: "hmmm, (awkward laugh)."

ARRRGHHHH! Why do people assume that teaching first grade, or any elementary grade for that matter, must be easy??? Seriously, I think those who aren't in the "know" honestly think I color all day long. They have no idea that I'm not just a teacher. I am mommy, daddy, doctor, psychologist, personal trainer (seriously, everyday at recess we do cardio), social worker, secretary, public relation-ist (is that a job? should be), dentist, potty trainer, this list could go on but I'll spare you. See the thing is, teaching is hard. DAMN HARD!! It doesn't matter what grade level you teach. Each grade level is challenging for different reasons, but please please please don't be so stupid to think that a room full of 18 six year olds "must be easy."


MadMad said...

OK, OK, OK... I almost couldn't finish reading because I get all gaspy about people saying teachers have an easy job, blah, blah, blah. It makes me too angry. But seriously! What are you doing listening to a HAIR-DRESSER?!?!? Hel-loooo?

Of course, I don't suppose you could say something back, like, "Well, not as easy as your job, perhaps, just playing with people's hair all day..." because then she might shave you a mohawk or something. But still. You can THINK it.

Also, just wait till she has a first grader of her own...

MadMad said...

OH! Me again, I couldn't see the picture of your haircut, btw! I wasn't being rude not commenting on it. Just in dissing hairdressers... ;)

sassybug said...

I myself think you are a saint for teaching first graders, I think maybe next time you should just say that you are a mother of 20-30 6 year olds. If the person is a mother they will now just how hard you work. I teach high school and wouldn't trade with you for anything, I know how hard elementary school teachers work.