Sunday, March 23, 2008

Passion Quilt

I saw other teachers doing this on a few of my favorite blogs and I think what saintseester is doing is quite remarkable. Seeing the pictures other teachers have chosen for the passion quilt is down right inspiring.

Here are the rules:

Post a picture or take/create your own image that captures what you are most passionate for kids to learn.

Give your picture a short title.

Title the post “Meme: Passion Quilt.”

Link back to me

Include links to five people in your professional community.

Title: Acceptance

If nothing else, I want to teach my students to view themselves as competent and valuable members of the world. I want to help and inspire my students to relate to one another and realize their place and importance in the world by learning from diversity as well as commonalities, embracing their individuality, and making lasting connections to others.

I'm tagging:
miss brave
mean mommy
lit teacher


Casdok said...

I just love your Passion Quilt and attitude!!

saintseester said...

I love your block, too. It's been added to the passion quilt online. Also, please let me know if your other friends create new blocks.

saintseester said...

PS - the original meme does not have everyone link back to me. Your friends that you tagged should link back to you! Building a web of connections and inspiration...

MadMad said...

Great passion quilt - both in idea and actual product!

I just saw your new "pic" on someone else's blog and came over to tell you how cool it was! Love it!


Ok, proof that what goes around comes around. In a far less inspiration way I have tagged you for a meme. I'm sorry, or your welcome depending how you feel about them :-)