Monday, March 17, 2008


If anyone could see me right now they would be laughing hysterically.

As all of you are fully aware, I am turning in my National Board Portfolio in less than one week. I still have an ungodly amount of work to accomplish before then. I did not intentionally put things off, it has just honestly taken me this long to gather all the evidence, documentation, etc. needed to create my portfolio.

So here I am, 8 days left to work, on Spring Break, and doing everything I possibly can think of tonight to avoid working on these silly entries. The funny thing is, I've been "ready" to work since 6:00. I have been on the couch, laptop open, my portfolio instruction notebook next to me turned to the directions for the next paper I should be writing, but all I have accomplished (in two hours) is placing one bar code sticker on the cover page for Entry 4!! What is wrong with me?

Instead of working I have:
-researched my dental insurance policy
-created a meez (isn't she fun??? look she's wearing CROCS!)
-checked my e.mail 3-4 times
-created folders for my work e.mail inbox
-completed my NCAA brackets
-double checked my online bank account
-finally looked at my friend's recent photo album on Snapfish
-took a "break" to eat dinner
-checked my DVR to make sure Pop Fiction recorded last night
-realized I needed to watch Oprah
-watched Oprah
-fed the beast
-went back to and played a game
-called a friend to ask about my dental insurance
-read some of my favorite blogs
-put clothes in the wash
-folded clothes in dryer (you know I'm avoiding something if I'm folding clothes)
-realized I need to put clothes from the washer into the dryer
-posted this blog

Now, please no one distract me. I'm very, very busy.


cajunvegan said...

I know I am really procrastinating when I fold the laundry in my dryer too. There's always a load in there.

This is my procrastinator's creed:

I work better under pressure.

Good luck on the Ntl. Boards. When you pass them all with flying colors, you can say it was all worth it.

BTW, have you considered updating your comment section so that we can add our non-Blogger id's?

Mr. W said...

obviously you were procrastinating because you were reading my blog and left a comment :-) Thanks

BTW, why should a teaacher get board certified? just curious. Our district doesn't do anything for us.

cbh said...

getting your national boards forces you to really analyze yourself as a teacher. you review your teaching practices, make sure everything you are doing significantly impacts your students' learning, include parents and the community, and the reflect on all of it. you become a better teacher for sure because you reflect and think more about what it is you are doing... all that being said, in my county you get a nice pay increase, the real reason i started this process.

MadMad said...

Oh my gosh - you must be done or just about, huh? Can't wait to hear!