Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our Wishes

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A parent volunteer in a first grade class at JY Joyner Elementary in Raleigh, NC, asked the first graders, "If you had one wish for the world, your family or yourself, what would it be?” She made a poster of their wishes and then posted this video on YouTube. Its so inspiring and touching I just had to share it.


Mean Mommy said...

This is the video I sent you a few months ago that you couldn't open! I LOVED this. Jane sent it to me before it was even released. She's friends with the woman who created the project.

These are so hilarious and heartbreaking.

MadMad said...

So cute. But I'm too busy crying to write anything coherent. Except for not about those Disney kids. Not crying about them.

You still got any of those donuts down there? That would cheer me up.

Susan said...

That's so neat. Thanks for sharing it here. I'm just checking out the teacher blogs. So glad I found your place.