Saturday, October 27, 2007

What Would Freud Think of This?

There are many phrases I thought I would never say as a teacher but, "J. quit touching your penis," definitely tops them all.

I had just sat down in my fabulous teacher chair to share one of the greatest Halloween stories with my class: The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything. All my students are gathered on the rug, anxiously waiting to hear the story. Most of them are looking up at me with their hands in their lap, sitting criss cross, and quiet. I scan the room to make sure we're ready to begin and that's when I notice that while J's hands are in his lap, they're up his shorts.

Its been so warm in NC this fall. This month has felt more like June than the crisp Octobers I remember. The warmer weather has allowed for my students to continue wearing shorts, flip flops, short sleeves, etc. It was the weather's fault that J. had such easy access to his little boy parts. I've noticed him exploring around down there, not just once or twice before, but consistently. This is the ultimate ick. Those little hands that are touching "himself" are the same hands that then go and touch the shared pencils and crayons. I can't handle this.

All classrooms are germy... E. picks her nose, C. sucks her thumb, and now J. fondles himself on a regular basis. After many previous reminders, "J. let's make sure our hands are folded on our lap." and "J. that's not appropriate," I had exhausted all the friendly and teacherly ways to stop the groping. In front of all my students, with all their eyes on me, ready to relax and listen to a story, I opened my mouth to speak and out came, "J. quit touching your penis!"



Mimi said...

OMG!!! I would have died!!! And I totally don't blame you...have you talked to his parents about his little "issue"?? I had a little girl once stick her scissors (which I bought and routinesly collect at the end of the year to use again) up her lie. And major ew!

cbh said...

yes... and the talk with his parents was quite humorous.

MadMad said...

Oh, see, I LOVE it when the teacher says something! I used to help at my kids' preschool, and there was one little girl who would put BOTH hands in her undies and well, just hang out that way for the whole story time. And the usual nosepickers, etc. were around, too. It used to kill me that the teacher just let it go. I'd go home and shower, I felt so gross after an afternoon with them!