Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This Will Be a Hard One

I should be sleeping now but I'm wide awake mentally preparing for a meeting tomorrow to discuss whether or not M, my little guy should be retained next year. He missed an entire quarter of school due to his seizures and while he's making some progress since his return to school in February, his maturity level has regressed significantly and academically he is still somewhat behind. I have been tutoring him since mid-January and we've definitely seen progress but I am convinced his seizures have impacted his long term and short term memory negatively. M confuses basic sight words he previously had mastered, he'll ask me things like, "How do you write 14," and he struggles retelling stories he reads to show me what he is comprehending. I am anticipating my meeting tomorrow to be very emotional but I am looking forward to gathering a team of my colleagues as well as M's parents together to discuss what is best for him and his future. If you could, please send good thoughts our way tomorrow morning.


Jen Barney said...

HI! Thanks for the comments. I will try and see how I can do that (not very technologically sound).
I will ask our tech. facilitator and see what we can do.

cmdhdpeterson5 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It sounds like you really care about your little guy. It's not really about the label of the child as much as getting the appropriate help for the child. I wish all teachers/caregivers were as willing to understand the children as much as you are. You give teachers a good a name. Thanks, Marshella

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